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Testimony – Central America Mission Trip

April 17, 2014

My name is Liviu (Lee) Muntean. I first heard of the mission trip to Honduras with Charity Cup in January 2013 and went on my first trip in May 2013. Honduras is a beautiful country and the people we met were very warm and friendly. I did not want this trip to be just another mission trip that I go on but I wanted it to have meaning, purpose, and impact. I started to prepare and get myself ready for it. I got all the shots done, and got my passport and all the necessary documents ready. I went with an open heart ready to serve wherever God would use me and indeed He used me!


I served in putting care packages together, driving the minivan, and helping with Vacation Bible School (VBS), but God had a more specific area of ministry planned for me during this mission trip. As the week progressed, our team leader Clementin told us that an opportunity had come up: our Ministry Team could go into two High Schools and teach the Purity or Abstinence until Marriage Curriculum. In years past, our team would teach it in a Co-Ed setting, led by girls, which was very uncomfortable for the students. Speaking with Clementin one night he asked me if I would be willing to teach the boys’ part of the program and split the program into boys and girls, and I said yes.

God truly worked during those sessions. The boys were very relaxed and we were able to talk about sexual issues and abstinence very freely and with great success. Only there and then I realized and knew the specific part God had prepared for me. I did not go on that trip with that task in mind but I was ready and willing to be obedient to what God would want me to do. For me the entire trip was one miracle after another. I am excited for this year’s trip and looking forward to continue to teach the Purity Abstinence Curriculum to High School boys. Our theme for this Year is “ True Love Waits”.


If you are thinking of going on this trip I promise you one thing: you will be changed for the better. I thought I went there to help people in need and I did, but I got so much more back in return. As a team we were able to attend some Church services. The presence of God was amazing and so real every step of the way. So pray and make the decision to go and have faith that God will provide the funds for you to go. I know without a doubt if God wants you to go He will also provide the means. You will never regret going and your life will be enriched by this experience.

My God bless you all and hope to see you in Honduras.

About the Author:
Liviu (Lee) Muntean is one of the volunteers that took the challenge and joined Charity Cup in Central America Mission Trip in 2013.

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