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Giving Thanks for 15 years of ministry

June 22, 2013

Slam! The truck tailgate swung closed as the last item was loaded and immediately thereafter the long overdue raindrops began to hit the hood of the truck. It was amazing, a direct response to prayer;  God held up the rain and freezing weather for two weeks until our first Charity Cup Tournament was wrapped up. Looking back now, 15 years to the day, we believe even stronger that it was God that answered prayers that  97’ fall when HE held up the rain and freezing weather in Oakland, Michigan just enough for some youngsters to finish their work.  What work am I talking about? Well it was the debut of the ‘first’ Charity Cup Tournament, unbeknownst to us at the time, since the only thing going through our minds that cold night was, ‘we’re glad it’s over and we will never do this again’.  We raised an unprecedented $1500 in an unorthodox way to be used in providing shelter for homeless kids at the House of Hope project, yet the trouble we went through to see the tournament succeed seemed too overwhelming and not worth it in the end.  Our energy was depleted and our weaknesses exposed. Thank God that it’s precisely in our weaknesses that He delights to show up.

Our Church youth was approached by the RBYA to help raise funds for this homeless kids shelter in Romania which would cost $10,000 to build (at that time). What could a few youth do to even put a dent in the lofty challenge before us? Not much, the disciples would say… after all, what’s two fish and five loafs of bread to such a great multitude? Seriously. We looked around the room, much like the disciples probably did in their time and said, what do we have?  In a few days we had the answer. As all Romanians seem have, we too had a soccer ball which we used every week play recreational soccer at the park. We brought that ball (talent) to Jesus much like the disciples did their five loaves of bread and fish, and He multiplied it.

Although we had no intention in doing a second edition of that tournament, what started out in 1997 with just five local soccer teams soon grew and by 2000 we had 40 such teams participating throughout the US. In that same year we incorporated our charity organization now known as Charity Cup and we were off for a God sized adventure. God slowly began to form a team of people around this “ball” that were passionate about using it to help other ministries reach people for Christ, rich or poor alike.

They say that the secret of a moment is that it’s small enough to miss it but big enough to change the rest of your life, or the world, in some cases. Here are a few of the key moments in Charity Cup’s 15 year history.


-1st (unofficial) tournament was held with no intentions of having another like it

-$1500 raised and donated to RBYA for House of Hope project

– 5 teams participate over the span of 2 Saturdays


– requests for 2nd edition begin to pour in

– 2nd edition of Charity Cup tournament held

– 9 teams participate

– $2500 donated to ministries reaching out to the poor around the world

– A small team begins to form


– 12 teams participate

– $3600 donated

– We were beginning to realize that this may be a God thing


– strong lead team begins to take shape

– DIVINE MOMENT: a key merger with Mission One ministry (a west coast group of movers and shakers who coincidently began their activity around the same time we did)makes the MONUMENTAL impact and CC begins its greatest assent.

– Over 40 teams participate spanning many states.

– 2nd DIVINE MOMENT: CC is introduced to Adrian Ambrosie, a former Professional Soccer player in Romania who later becomes a major influence and key member of the CC Founding Leadership Team.


– Team Participation continues to grow past 40.

– Together, with the new formed merger with Mission One and Adrian Ambrosie, Charity Cup plans its first Mission Tour to the Republic of Moldova and Romania.

– The tour reaches out to over 300 young soccer players with the Good News.


– Tournaments continue in Detroit, Atlanta & Los Angeles.

– Mission Tour 2 gets underway with the addition of a Volleyball camp for girls.


– Benefit Dinners get added to the list of Fundraising events.

– Mission Tour 3 explodes with more ministry projects joining, now including: Soccer camp, Girls of God Camp, Orphans Camp, Operation Village, and Medical Ministry.

– Under the leadership of Adrian Ambrosie, a group of young movers and shakers in the city of Iasi calling themselves NAVOBI unites under the vision of Charity Cup.

– Around the same time, AZTAG (Arizona Taking Action for God) group, bring major reinforcements within the Charity Cup team.

– An official Board of Directors for Charity Cup is formalized.  The founding members of the board consist of George Puraci, Anca Husu, Daniel Herdean, Daniel Bora, Adrian Ambrosie, Daniel Banu, Lavinia Matesan and Catalin Iuga.


– Benefit dinners & Soccer Tournaments continue to be the key events for fundraising and more.

– Mission Tour 4 experiences more growth in participation and impact as many come on the mission field and many more get to know Christ.

– A paradigm shift happens in our leadership as new leaders step up in key positions throughout our organization.

– The Orphan’s ministry, Timothy & Esther, is founded and begins to change destinies for many orphans who have left the orphanage with no place to go.

2006 – 2012

– Mission Tours continue and reach new heights in participation and projects.  Over 250 participate from many countries.

– A new Mission Tour to Honduras begins

–  9 separate entities begin to emerge under the umbrella of Charity Cup Ministries and take shape with passionate Presidents leading them:

1. Charity Cup League – Ionut Apostu

2. Mission Tours – Mike Barac

3. Girls of God – Damaris Cauneac

4. Orphan’s 360 – Daniel Samoila

5. Timothy & Esther – Leo Grama/Mike Barac

6. Medical Ministry – Daniel Ardelean

7. NAVOBI Sports Club – Adrian Ambrosie

8. CC South America Ministries – Clementin Oancea

9. Charity Cup Events – Emanuela Candrianu

–  God begins to plant the thought of a new CC adventure called a Ministry Incubator which would focus on providing mentorship to leaders willing to start new ministries.

2020 (prayerfully)

–  All of the current ministries thriving and expanding their centers of influence around the world.  Full time staff working around the clock to fulfill the purposes of God through each particular ministry.

–  1 Million people around the world hear the clear saving message of the Gospel via the established 9 ministries

–  1000 teams participate in the soccer tournaments around the world. CC League becomes the largest Amateur Soccer League in the world.

–  The CC Incubator produces 5 new leaders and ministries that are thriving.

 2030 (prayerfully)

–  30 Million people around the world have heard the clear Gospel Message throughout the 14+ ministries now in place

–  1 Million Leaders formed and at work impacting their world …

What began with a simple soccer ball, in the past 15 years has turned into nine Ministries and thousands of people being impacted for Christ.  In the next 15, with God’s help and your support, we have the desire to reach millions more thus hastening Jesus’ second coming. In the end, and for eternity, that is all that will matter. Stand with Charity Cup as we make our lives count.

This THANKS GIVING, as Charity Cup we are obviously thankful for God’s protection and guidance in the last 15 years.  On a more personal note, we want to be thankful for the little things that we take for granted, just as in our history, something small became much more significant, so it is in our lives, it’s the little things that we take for granted but they make life work. This THANKSGIVING let’s count those things, and be grateful for them.

Making our lives count,

Daniel Bora & George Puraci

Charity Cup Ministries CEO & Spokesperson

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  1. November 23, 2012 3:03 am

    Domnul sa fie laudat! El sa ne alduie….

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