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Why go back?

October 30, 2012

In the month of July 2012, Charity Cup had a short term mission in the Republic of Moldova. This mission focused on 3 new places: the villages of Glinjeni and Ghindești and the city of Bălți. One of the project was Vacation Bible School for children. Part of this project’s team (people from Romania and Moldova) kept going back to these places, regularly, after July, to keep in touch with the people and children they met. Their last visit was last weekend. Ana was one of them. These are her impressions after a weekend spent with the children in Glinjeni.

I understand that God could use other people to do this work with the children in Glinjeni, but still, I know that He chose to use me. I know that He has placed in me a desire and a gift for these children. I enjoy every opportunity to serve them and you can just see that God cares about them and all the people in Glinjeni because He gave us the opportunity to help them.

Very often I see myself in the lives of these children when I play with them and I just try to understand them and serve them in every way that I can (be it a hug, words of encouragement or a smile, or a joke to make them laugh). Sometimes, it is hard to see the results of what we are doing, but from time to time, when a child comes to me and tells me: I remembered what happened during the summer!, then I know that we had an impact in his life. One day, a girl came to me and told me this sad story about how bad their father treats them and I think the Holy Spirit helped me feel her pain and be sorry for her, so much that I understood her more. I could see that besides helping them practically with things, we can also share about Jesus by supporting them in hard times. I go back because I know that God loves the village of Glinjeni. I can see that through the people He sends there to do His works.

Since we have been ministering in this village, I have learned to love the children, even though I am still learning all their names. I have learned to care more for them and I am also more motivated to tell them about Jesus. I have been thinking that a young tree can be channeled how to grow, but as it grows more and more and the strain increases and thickens, it cannot be bent and straightened as easily or at all. God promised me one thing:  when we seek to multiply what we sow (Job 5:25), we need to do the work first, give a hand to the ministry in everything that we can and work alongside it according to its vision.


About the author:

Ana Gongeriuc is from Tarnova (Rep. of Moldova) and first heard the Gospel in a Charity Cup mission trip in 2002, in the same village she comes from. It was the year that CC also planted a church in Tarnova and she has been a part of it ever since. She has been involved with the VBS project for the past years.

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