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What could I do for You?

September 1, 2012

I kept being troubled by the thought that I’m nothing, nobody. ‘What could I do for you, Lord?’ In response, I felt a question rising in my heart ‘What did I make the entire universe and the beauty of the sky out of?’ “Out of nothing”, I replied. ‘Then allow Me to build Myself a masterpiece out of the nothing in you’.

Following a discipline of fasting and prayer in advance of the two-week mission trip, our eyes were able to witness a “spiritual big bang”. I witnessed people being touched by the Lord’s Spirit in taking a decision for our Savior. It was surprising to see God at work when we visited a French teacher and also a well-situated family. Initially, we thought that these people of all would be reserved about hearing the Gospel. By discussing with them, we could see the power of the Gospel piercing their hearts and showing us, once more, that our assessments of people and situations can be wrong and only by faith we can see the beauty of His glory. Sometimes only a few words, inspired by the Spirit, can bring a renewal of the heart.

Andrei during one of the home visits

I encourage the youth to go out into the mission field, waiting to be surprised by the greatness of God’s power. “He makes his messengers winds, his ministers a flaming fire” (Psalm 104:4). Burning for God’s work in the fire of the mission field, God will transform you into His worker. Searching for Him intimately, profoundly, He will reveal His thoughts and share of His heart with you and you will never again be unmoved by such a wonderful work!

One of the home visits team

About the author:

Andrei Strugariu is from Iasi, Romania, and is a volunteer in Charity Cup ministries both in the Republic of Moldova and Romania. He has been involved in the Mission Trips in the Medical Project, as part of the Home Visits teams, sharing the Word with people and giving them medical help.

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