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That’s just the beginning of one more love story

August 25, 2012

Being part of the Girls Of God project in Moldova was an experience that greatly impacted me because I got to witness God capturing the hearts of so many girls. I was struck by the maturity of the girls that we were working with as well as their thirst to know Jesus. I realized they were like this because even though they were young, they had already been through so much. Each had their own story: raised in poverty, abusive parents, neglected, and some from orphanages. They all suffered the consequences of living in this broken and sinful world.

We had the honor of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, and the restoration and healing that He brings. We taught them what love means, what it means to have a relationship with Jesus, and where we should find our worth and identity in.

On the first day, Vica, a 14-year-old girl from Balti, seemed to have a hardened and angry heart. But as the week progressed, she learned about God and His love for her, and I could tell that she was hearing it for the first time and it was penetrating her. Every day we could outwardly see the way God was changing her attitude and softening her heart.

By talking to her later on, we realized that she learned that she is God’s daughter, chosen and loved by Him. She learned that she is forgiven because of Jesus. On the last day the tough girl with the hardened heart had tears rolling down her face and had accepted Jesus as her Savior. That’s just the beginning of one more love story between a girl and Jesus; but so many more were started.

About the author:

In the Moldova Mission Trip, Julia Dirnu has been part of the Girls of God project.

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